Your business relies on Information Technology. IT stores all your precious data, customer databases, ERPs, CRMs, e-commerce apps and everything else that makes up the life blood of your business.

Then there are hackers, fraudsters, malicious insiders, industrial spies and even natural catastrophes who target your data. They are there to steal your data, tamper with your records or just wipe them out.

And then there is us, Yellow Hat, who stays between you and evil. We are the IT security and continuity experts who are well trained and have battlefield experience fighting the malicious.

We are the ones capable to assemble a security team to solve in a professional way any security problem or concern in your organisation.

Yellow Hat has several partners across the EU and we can solve almost any security issue in your organization, by using either the experts in Romania or the 75 security experts who are working with our partners.

Penetration tests:

  • Web applications
  • Mobile applications
  • Network
  • Wireless network

Testing & Consulting:

  • Application code review
  • Secure development consulting
  • Social engineering test & training
  • ISMS (ISO27001) consulting
  • Application load testing
  • DdoS testing
  • Network Leak Detection